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Chris Acosta, founder of St. Petersburg Yoga, presents Yogic Spirituality Demystified Sunday, October 23 from noon to 1:15 pm in the Presentation Tent. Take part in a straight forward and pragmatic demystification of Yoga’s original purpose. Consider the tools/techniques distilled down from the ages as a progressive system for first seeing and gaining new self-insight.

With this self-objectivity thru the subjective process we can better self-assess and realize true imbalances in the mind and body and the further cost of these accumulated patterns. This discerning and stripping away process unveils the unchanging part of who we are to clearly and cleanly act in accord with our own unique sacred purpose.

Chris Acosta

chris acosta

St. Petersburg Yoga Chris began a daily practice almost 30 years ago while in a full body brace (for 4 years and 23 hours a day) to first heal his extreme scoliosis. The degree of scoliosis consisted of two curvatures with the largest at almost 50 degrees, multiple herniated discs, pinched nerves and spinal arthritis. Freed from the severe pain, deformation of the body, and armed with these successes, he focused on the greater liberation for which Yoga was originally designed.

Mr. Acosta was showcased in "Best (Yoga Instructor) of the Tampa Bay" by DuPont Registries (July 2007) and is also honored to be a part of the distinguished faculty at the Omega Institute in New York. He is known as a teacher's teacher and has taught tens of thousands of classes over his career. Chris instructs from Yoga Counseling to Yoga Therapy for disease and injury as well as a number of group classes, corporate classes, workshops, lectures, retreats and is the primary instructor of St. Pete Yoga's 200 and 500 level certifications offered in the Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

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St. Petersburg's only full-time yoga center with 3 studios devoted exclusively to the ancient and far reaching practice of yoga. Here we dedicate our efforts to the re-integration of the more recently separated aspects of the practice staying true to yoga's more traditional past.

With over 100 years of experience to draw from, the yogis at St. Petersburg Yoga offer the highest quality of instruction and widest variety and levels of yoga classes in the area.

We have more than 60 weekly classes designed for the very beginner thru the most advanced.

Our instructors draw from a broad spectrum of influences including: Hatha (beginner, intermediate and advanced), Therapeutic, Restorative, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Power, Kriya, Vinyasa Flow, Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra, Yoga Philosophy as well as others. We offer open classes, private instruction, Hot yoga, prenatal, postnatal, corporate yoga, Yoga Traction Therapy, and monthly yoga workshops/intensives. Let us at St. Petersburg Yoga meet you exactly where you are with the perfect fit in class style and instructor helping you to maximize your over all yoga experience.

Call (727) 894-YOGA (9642) for more info.

Also presenting from St. Pete Yoga:

melanie ulrichMelanie Ulrich, Director

Melanie's journey with yoga began 11 years ago when her brother encouraged her to attend her first yoga class.  She was hooked from the start. Yoga was an enlightening experience creating balance and fulfillment in her life.  Melanie has always wanted to pursue a path in helping and healing others, and like many, was torn between a successful corporate career and following her heart in the science of Yoga.

Now, she has found a way to combine her worldly corporate experiences with her passion for facilitating the Yoga experience.

Melanie completed her 200-Hour RYT Training with St. Petersburg Yoga, which was a gift that led her into following her dreams of becoming a teacher.

Her strong practices include Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga. After sustaining a neck injury, Melanie realized she would like to help others who encounter similar circumstances. She has since broadened her practice to incorporate a Gentle Restorative approach as well.

Join Melanie Sunday in the Oak Pavillion for Power Mind/Body Yoga from 10:00 - 11:30 am

Recognizing the importance of the connection between a powerful mind and a strong body, this session will reinstitute mindfulness which has become somewhat lost in a strong, physical practice.  Take your practice to the next level by learning to unite a powerful body, breath, and mind, creating balance and synergy within the Self.  Experience the strength and stillness that result in an invigorating practice when the mind and body unite.

ruben vasquezRubén Vásquez

I began practicing Yoga daily in 1996, and every day I look forward to the overall well being that Yoga brings into my life. As is the case for many yogis, Yoga has inspired my way of living. When family and friends started asking me to lead Yoga sessions for them, I felt honored and exhilarated to have the opportunity and responsibility to share my love of Yoga. In the last few years, everything aligned beautifully for me to enroll in a Yoga teacher training program to deepen my practice and my understanding of Yoga.
I am grateful for the opportunities I have to touch other people’s lives through Yoga. I hope Yoga brings as many teachings, joy and well-being to them as it has brought to me. I feel that teaching Yoga, besides being a dream come true, is an honor and a responsibility that requires attention, knowledge, caring, preparation and flexibility. More than a teacher, I see myself as a dedicated student who loves to practice, learn and share. Every day I am excited to explore, research, practice, and share Yoga with others.  Following the example of teachers I admire, in every class I do my best to help students discover their own way of practicing. Visit for more information.
Ruben is one of the primary instructors in the RYT 200 Yogi Teacher Training program and he is also engaged in the advanced RYT 500-Hour Yogi Teacher Training Program at St. Petersburg Yoga.

Join Ruben Sunday in the Presentation Tent for Yoga of Stillness with Ruben from 3:15 - 4:00 pm

At the end of the day, in order to integrate all of the day's practices participate in this guided Yoga Nidra meditation session that includes body awareness, breath awareness, mind awareness and visualization. This inward journey is a relaxing and enjoyable exploration of the different aspects of our being. It will facilitate the removal of obstacles and the unraveling of deep seated patterns of movement, action, feeling and thought.


penny heffelfingerPenny Heffelfinger

I had been practicing Yoga for 15 years when I realized the Yogic Path encompassed all the tools I needed to assist me in my personal growth and my daily life. I am an RYT 200-Hour instructor, a graduate of St. Petersburg Yoga.

I began my journey in the Health Industry in Fitness and Aquatics 30 years ago in the Chicago area. Through continued practice, I now apply the principles of yoga to every type of class I teach.

My style of class includes Vinyasa (movement) to warm the body moving smoothly into strength and balance practice and finishing with cooling asana on the mat and savasana.

I have found that by focusing on the breath through every pose and moving with each breath I discover new insights and openings into the incredible strength and awareness of my body. I am honored to assist my students in exploring their true strength and ability through their yoga practice.
Penny is enrolled in the 500-Hour Teacher Training Program at St. Petersburg Yoga.

Join Penny Sunday in the Ampitheater for Mantra Yoga from 2:45 - 4:00 pm

Penny will lead in a call and response session incorporating many classic mantras from India as well as other cultures. This vocal yoga practice actively explores the clear fundamental power of word and sound as a liberator. At differing times and places varying peoples have discovered at varying historic times the need for communal sound to unify.

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Embracing the World

Proceeds from this event benefit Embracing the World, an organization that exists to help alleviate the burden of the world's poor through helping to meet each of their five basic needs – food, shelter, education, healthcare and livelihood – wherever and whenever possible.

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